Process of Match Making for Marriage

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Process of Match Making for Marriage

Dear Customers

This article meant to guide for speeding up the Marriage Match Making Process.I wish everybody read this page get the early marriage with suitable partner.

Marriage match processes

1.Finding the suitable Nakshatras for Boy/Girl

Total number of Nakshatras are 27.Before searching the match, you should be clear what are the Nakshatras will be Suitable to you.Unless you are clear about this , you will loss time , money and mental distress due to delay.To guide you the suitable nakshatras , you can view our Nakshatra Match for Boys/Girls in our website.Always you should have the printed or handwritten copy of the list till the process completes.

2.Collection of horoscope

This is a positive process.You Should  collects suitable nakshatra horoscopes in bulk instead of searching one by one. Atleast You should have 3 – 4 Web/Brokers/Sanga registrations .Minimum 10-20 horoscopes/week should be get for further process.It is the most important activity in the Match making process.After this activity , elimination starts to findout the best match.

3.Match making

After Collection of horoscopes , you should select the Suitable horoscopes with the help of Experienced and reliable Astrologers.

In selection of horoscope the following components are very important.

A) Nakshatra Match ( We have already filtered this criteria with our charts)

B) Dosam Match

Sevvai Dosam , Ragu/Kethu Dosam,Any other kalathra Dosams to be checked and matched accordingly

C) Disa Santhipu to be checked and eliminated.

After this elimination , horoscope match completed.


Expectations to be clear and specific.

Now a days Expectations are very high for both boy/girl.

Expectations related to

i) Education

ii) Family

iii) Social Status

iv) Networth

v) Beauty/Character of partner

vi) Work

vii) Culture of family

viii) Location of partner family

ix) Etc

It is happy to meet all our expectations.Still you should have the Must and Tolerable list so that you can take the balanced decisions.

Ex- Expectation of Murali

Must Tolerable
Education Social Status
Family Networth
Beauty/Character of partner Culture of family
Location of partner family

Must – The criteria is essential for murali

Tolerable –  If there is slight deviation , murali is ready to accept

5.Process to be continued till Fix of Marriage

If you find the best partner and there is a delay in feedback from partner side , you keep in touch with the partner side to get feedback.But you should continue to search the match till marriage gets fixed.

Shri Murugan wishes for your Early Marriage and happy life


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